About PatriotFest

PatriotFest is the first national innovation competition launched by Romanian national security institutions with the purpose to improve national security in the sight of future challenges, by attracting Romanian innovative human resources.

PatriotFest is organised by National Defence Ministry, Internal Affairs Ministry, Romanian Intelligence Service, Special Telecommunications Service and the Protection and Guard Service, in partnership with the New Strategy Center association. Media partners include the Romanian Television as main media partner, “Adevărul” newspaper and “Historia” magazine.

The PatriotFest main objectives include increased degree of innovation transfer and adaptation from private and academic fields to national security, as well as encouraging innovation projects and talent by capitalising on results and offering opportunities in Romania.

Currently at third edition, PatriotFest have gathered Romanian innovators from the country and abroad, while creating a strong community by facilitating communication and cooperation among its members.

Gala PatriotFest 2018
Gala PatriotFest 2018

The PatriotFest 2017 main prize was awarded to Mr. Grigore Dumitru for the “MindMi project – a psychometric system for fast psychological evaluation”. The 1st prize winners for each category of the 2017 edition were: Mr. Eduard Șuică with “R-RING – Secured system for audio/video communications” for the Information Security category, Mr. Bogdan Bocșe with “Visage Cloud” for the Artificial Intelligence category and Mr. Cosmin Duganwith “Concept One” for the Man-Machine Interface category.

In 2018 the PatriotFest main prize was awarded to Mr. Tiberiu Georgescu for “Cybersecurity Analyzer”. At this edition the 1st prize winners were: Mr. Cristi Mocan, Mr. Beniamin Bia, Mr. Cosmin Nechifor, with “Hardware accelerated security system (HASS)” for the Knowledge Agility category, Mr. Stelian Popa with “Enterprise Search Geysir” for the Human Performance Optimization category, Mr. Eduard Şuică with “edwork – decentralized file storage system” for the Hazard Certitude category and Mr. Marius Dumitru with “Ultrasonic sensor for combustible gases with drone applications” for the Creativity for Security category.

The experts in the jury are looking for functional prototypes that reflects innovative approaches and could be translated into national security specific activities.